High Value eBay Comics Auction For the Week Ending 2011.3.19 (Sandman #1 Original Art)

SANDMAN #1 original comic art Sam KIETH + Neil GAIMAN

Sold For:$15,000 Seller: moviexp (645)


The Page:
Issue: The Sandman #1
Title: Sleep Of The Just
Published: January 1989

Writer: Neil Gaiman
Penciller: Sam Kieth
Inker: Mike Dringenberg

Original comic book artwork for The Sandman #1 page 9. This historic issue features the 1st Appearance of the main character the Sandman also known as Dream. It features close-up views of Dream's tools which are seldom seen together throughout the entire series. The layout of this page is highly inventive in composition and symmetry which may have been inspired by M.C. Escher's Hand with Reflecting Sphere lithograph.

In over ten years in collecting Sandman comic art, I have never seen a page featuring a 1st appearance of the main character Sandman offered for sale to the public. High-end Sandman pages are typically sold privately between collectors and are never made available to the general public. This may be your only chance to own a page from this iconic issue from The Sandman #1.

The comic artwork is signed by Sam Kieth on the bottom left, by Mike Dringenberg on the bottom right and by Neil Gaiman on the center bottom of page. Neil Gaiman cleverly personalizes his signature with a quote from the page itself that says "A profitable evening's work" recognizing the importance that this comic page now represents.


A group of occultists seeking immortality led by Roderick Burgess attempts to summon and capture the very essence of Death. Instead of trapping Death, they have caught her brother Dream. While knocked unconscious from being summoned, Dream is stripped of all his possessions, the tools of his power; Ruby, Helm, Pouch, and Cloak. He is then confined inside a crystal dome prison. Stripped naked, Dream patiently waits for an opportunity to break free from his imprisonment.

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