Five for Friday (Strange Adventures #1, Kelley Jones Sandman, Batman 608 RRP, Adi Granov, New Adventures 23)

Strange Adventures #1 CGC 7.0 FN/VF Universal

I always link to these. I guess I'm a fan.

KELLEY JONES Sandman #22 p6 ORIGINAL ART Neil Gaiman

While Sam Kieth never looked like "Sam Kieth" on Sandman, Kelly Jones sure as hell (har) did. This is a very memorable page from him during a classic arc on one of the biggest books of all-time.

Batman 608 CGC 9.8 HUSH RRP Variant NM+/M

Nearly $2500 with 8 days to go. I wonder if it's got a chance for $3k (high GPA for this book.)


Adi Granov is great. He's like one of the European greats in style, but he's doing American Super Hero comics. I'll take it.

New Adventure Comics #23 VG 1938 very rare! Gerber 8

Not your average eBay book.

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