Profiles in History to Auction Wrightson's Frankenstein Cover

Profiles in History is difficult to write about and link to since their technology platform doesn't really support it, but the upcoming Comic & Illustration Art the Property of a Distinguished American Collector is so insane, I had to share. Click on the link and download the catalog. Ogle! It's nuts. The Frankenstein cover will sell for seven figures, right? The rest of the auction is really good as well. Check it out.

Here's what they say:

Comic & Illustration Art the Property of a Distinguished American Collector
Comic & Illustration Art the Property of a Distinguished American Collector
Sale Date: Thursday, December 12, 2019 – 11:00 AM

Auction previews (by appointment only)

West Coast — Nov. 1 – Dec. 11

Profiles in History

26662 Agoura Road Calabasas, CA 91302

Contact: (310) 859-7701 email:

East Coast — Dec. 5 – Dec. 7

Society of Illustrators

128 E 63rd St. New York, NY

Contact: Rob Pistella (804) 363-1365 email:

What makes a “Distinguished Collector”?

A distinguished collector is an individual who has elevated himself within the field by curating an assemblage of such breadth and quality that few can match its stature. Through discernment, taste, and vision, this individual marshals his resources to acquire a body of material that is not only representative of styles and periods, but also selects for works of lasting importance. From an objective perspective, the only downside to the distinguished collector’s endeavor is that prized material vanishes from the market. The collection on offer here epitomizes both breadth and quality, representing a majority of artists who have had an enduring impact on the medium with examples of their most iconic output. These pieces, in large part, have been locked away for decades. It’s incredibly rare for such a bonanza to see the light of day. The property of a distinguished collector coming to market is always an event, but in this case, with the offering of Bernie Wrightson’s wraparound cover for the illustrated edition of Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, it is truly a historic occasion. While certainly Wrightson’s magnum opus, this mammoth illustration is arguably the finest work in pen and ink accomplished in the twentieth (or perhaps, any) century.

The following selection is just a glimpse of the top-tier material contained in these pages:

• John Byrne original artwork for Fantastic Four #256 complete 22-page story “The Annihilation Gambit”.

• Jack Kirby and John Verpoorten original artwork for The Eternals #2 cover and complete 17-page story “The Celestials”.

• Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta original artwork for The Mighty Thor #139 complete 16-page story “To Die Like a God” and many other iconic Kirby artworks.

• Al Williamson, Frank Frazetta, and Roy Krenkel original artwork for Weird Fantasy #20 complete 7-page story “I, Rocket”.

• Robert Crumb original artwork for American Splendor #4 complete 7-page story “The Young Crumb Story”.

• Robert Crumb original artwork for Introducing Kafka complete 10-page story “In The Penal Colony”.

• Steve Ditko (6) The Amazing Spider-Man pages from the famous original 1960s run & Strange Tales #131 Page 3.

• Will Eisner original artwork for complete 7-page The Spirit story “The Fly” dated March 10, 1946.

• Graham Ingels original artwork for Vault of Horror #38 complete 7-page “The Witch’s Cauldron!” story “Out of Sight…” • Wally Wood original artwork for Two Fisted Tales #35 complete 7-page story “New Orleans”.

• Barry Windsor-Smith original monumental painting “Artemis & Apollo” and “Conan” artwork.

• Michael Kaluta monumental original painting “The Shadow Knows” and many other Kaluta works.

• Many complete stories from the Golden Age of EC Comics.

• A plethora of covers and interiors from MAD Magazine.

• Bernie Wrightson original cover painting for A Look Back.

• Barry Windsor-Smith (2) “Weapon X” pages from Marvel Comics Presents.

• Jim Lee and Scott Williams original double page splash artwork for Batman #611.

• John Buscema and George Klein original title splash artwork for Avengers #58 Page 1.

• Brian Bolland original artwork for The Outisders #18 complete 8-page story “Freeway of Fear”.

• John Romita, Jr. and Bob Wiacek original artwork for Iron Man #264 complete 22-page story “Where Is Iron Man”.

• Sanjulián original cover painting for Eerie #53 featuring “The Mummy”.

• Dave Stevens and Dave Dorman original cover painting for Rocketeer Adventure Magazine #2.

• Frank Frazetta original sketches for Canaveral plates.

• Gene Colan original large self-portrait artwork with his most popular superheroes.

• Jeff Jones original oil paintings including “The Mummy”.

• Ken Kelly original “Conan” painting “Chamber of Illusions”.

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