May 2016 Heritage Signature Auction Preview


Holy hell, I'm done with the whole running and fundraising for the Boston Marathon thing and got the first round of Edgar Church data released so I've got some time to do a good old-fashioned auction preview for the first time in months. Fun times. Heritage gets the once-over this time around.

Toy World Funnies #nn Wanamaker's Giveaway
I've never seen this book. I have no idea what the market would be for something like this, but really, who cares. 1933!

Pep Comics #34 San Francisco Pedigree CGC NM- 9.2
Is this book bonkers or what? There is a Church copy of this book, but otherwise this San Francisco/Reilly copy is just a beast. A beast of awesome.
The next best CGC copies are at 7.0 and Heritage has only ever sold a 4.0. If Heritage has only sold one of something, that's pretty crazy.

John Byrne Fantastic Four #248 Cover Original Art
I've been spending a lot of time with this run, getting a bunch graded in order to finish off my run so I'm a sucker for this cover. I really think this is one of those cases where the black and white line work is better than the colored cover.

Fantastic Four #52 CGC NM+ 9.6 and Fantastic Four #45 Twin Cities Pedigree CGC NM+
Will the big results for these books continue from the last Signature Auction? The previous results were bonkers, so it will be interesting to see what these two books do without the overall Fantastic Four flavored hype the last auction had.

Star Wars #1 35¢ Variant CGC NM 9.4
I will never tire of this book.

Fantastic Comics #5 San Francisco Pedigree CGC VF+
Another fun San Francisco copy. The colors on this one blow my mind.

starlord man biz

Gray Morrow Marvel Preview #4 Cover Star-Lord Original Art
I'm bidding on something else in this auction. If I lose that piece, holy cow am I tempted by this painting. Not that I know how much it will go for, but… so cool.

Bernie Wrightson Frankenstein Page 154 Illustration Original Art
I know I can't afford this. I will just have to satisfy myself by staring at it for hours. Like I did when I was a kid.

Simon Bisley Doom Patrol V2#29 Cover Original Art
I had this cover tacked up to the wall of my bedroom when I was a teenager.

That's it for now. Baby steps!

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