High Comics Related Item for the Week Endding December 22, 2007

All Star 1 – 57 complete! 3 8 1st app Wonder Woman JSA

Sold for: US $22,000.00 Auction ended early with Buy It Now.
Seller: filter81( 217)

For sale in this auction is a VERY rare opportunity to own a complete run of All Star Comics running from issue #1 (published in 1940) right up to the series' final issue (#57) which was published in February of 1951. This series contains a number of important issues including All Star 3 which contains the first appearance of the Justice Society of America (the first ever comic book superhero team), All Star 5 which contains the first appearance of HawkGirl (who according to Overstreet is the first ever costumed female Superhero), and All Star 8 which contains the first ever published appearance of Wonder Woman! (Both All Star 3 and All Star 8 are ranked on Overstreet's list of top 25 most valuable golden age comics ever published. And I believe a few other issues from the series also crack the top 100) This series has always been one of my Golden age favorites not just for its key first appearances but for its numerous cool sci-fi, outer space, robot, and war covers.

According to the latest Overstreet guide, 2.0 G guide value for this run is over $18,000 and in 4.0 condition it has a guide value of over $36,000!

I purchased most of this particular run from an original owner collection and then filled in the missing issues over the past few years. For the most part I would consider the comics in this run to be a set of reader copies. (Although a number of them are in solid shape, particularly the key issues.) While most of the comics in the run have really nice eye appeal for Golden age books, some of them have clear tape on the spines, some have extra staples, and a few appear to have been trimmed. (I purchased most of the trimmed-looking issues from a number of different places, so I don't know if maybe thats just the way some All Stars were printed. But to be safe I'm going to list them all as trimmed.) Below is a list of grades and important defects for each book in the run. These books are also available for viewing for anyone interested. If there are any questions I can be reached at Adam727@gmail.com or 585-486-9869.

All Star 1 Fair/G, split spine.
All Star 2 Fair/G, split spine, amateur color touch.
All Star 3 apparent FN- (pieces replaced, right edge trimmed, cleaned).
All Star 4 VG/VG+.
All Star 5 VG-.
All Star 6 VG.
All Star 7 qualified G+ amateur restoration, centerfold missing.
All Star 8 apparent Fn/Fn- trimmed, minor tear seals. This comic has great eye appeal from the front, but the back cover brings the grade down a little. A small amount of additional restoration would really get this book in nice shape.
All Star 9 Fair, centerfold missing.
All Star 10 VG/VG-.
All Star 11 G+.
All Star 12 VG.
All Star 13 Fair amateur restoration.
All Star 14 G+.
All Star 15 G-.
All Star 16 VG+.
All Star 17 G trimmed.
All Star 18 G.
All Star 19 G-.
All Star 20 G.
All Star 21 G-.
All Star 22 G.
All Star 23 VG.
All Star 24 Fair/G.
All Star 25 VG.
All Star 26 G-.
All Star 27 Fair.
All Star 28 VG+.
All Star 29 G/G+.
All Star 30 VG-.
All Star 31 G.
All Star 32 G/VG Amateur restoration.
All Star 33 Poor, back cover missing.
All Star 34 G.
All Star 35 G-.
All Star 36 G+.
All Star 37 Fair/G.
All Star 38 VG.
All Star 39 G/G+ large piece replaced on Front cover.
All Star 40 G-.
All Star 41 Fair.
All Star 42 VG-.
All Star 43 Qualified G-,
centerfold missing.
All Star 44 G- right edge trimmed.
All Star 45 Qualified G-, centerfold missing.
All Star 46 G.
All Star 47 G.
All Star 48 VG-.
All Star 49 Fair.
All Star 50 G (panel missing from 1 interior page),
All Star 51 VG.
All Star 52 G.
All Star 53 G.
All Star 54 G.
All Star 55 G trimmed.
All Star 56 G trimmed.
All Star 57 FN+ trimmed.

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