High eBay Comics Item for the Week Ending 2010.8.6 (Superman #1-20)

Superman 1939 issues 1 thru 20 Golden Age CGC and PGX

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issues 1 thru 20

Have you ever wanted to own the early issues of Superman

Now is your chance.

This set has just been upgraded.

These issues will only be sold as a set.

Superman #1
(DC, 1939)
This wonderful copy of Superman #1 is a CGC graded Apparent 4.5
Extensive (P) of Superman Comics # 1
from the Summer of 1939
with light tan to off-white pages.

Restoration includes: color touch, pieces added, tear seals, cleaned, reinforced, staples cleaned.
The restoration was done by Susan Cicconi in 1992.
Superman #2
(DC, 1939)
Condition: Apparent Very Good PGX 4.5.
Superman's second issue is packed with early Action stories by Siegel and Shuster, and shows the Man of Steel in his earliest incarnation. This copy has a great feel to it, with no tears or missing pieces. Defects include tape running the length of the spine and soiling on the right area of the front cover. Restoration includes trimming along the right side, and three small spots of red color touch on the cover. The pages are very well-preserved, having an off-white to white appearance. Superman #3

Winter 1939
Good PGX 2.

It starts with Superman saving an orphanage and builds from there.
Superman #4
VG+ PGX4.5
Super Bright, Flat
Second Appearance of Red Haired Luthor
Nice solid comic. Centerfold is loose but cover is attached. Inside of cover has tanned but pages are nice. 1" tear on spine.

Good PGX 2.0
DC Comics
This early issue of Superman has one of the most iconic and classic early images of Superman on the cover, ripping open a bank vault to free people who are trapped inside. This cover image was reprinted many times in the 40s and many times since, appearing on all kinds of merchandise.
The interior is also quite classic, featuring great early Siegel and Shuster stories from the period when Superman was truly taking the world by storm.

Attractive but lower grade copy. Small piece of tape at the top and bottom of the spine. Cover detached but held on by 4 extra staples (2 front, 2 back), 3" + 4" spine splits. Nice supple CREAM TO OFF-WHITE PAGES.
It could easily be restored to an excellent condition appearance but I will leave it to you to have that done or just keep and enjoy it as is

Superman #6
Very Good+ PGX 4.5
September/October, 1940.

Some light pencil traced around the edges of Superman. Mainly seen when holding the book under a light.
Superman #7
Very Good- PGX 3.5
This comic is complete, has no restoration or tape, has deep colors and some gloss, tight staples, and very light interior pages (about OWL 9.5.) 68 pages. Interior covers are darker, about OWL 6. Flaws include a spine split for the bottom inch and the top 1/4". There are 2 tiny pieces out of the spine (1/8"), one piece 1/8" x 1/4" and at the top, a 1/4" diameter piece out. There are oxidation shadows top and right edge fc, and top back cover; within the shadow seems to be minor soiling. There are two tiny holes on the spine – it appears that a staple was removed. Might be first perry White. Superman #8
Good / Very Good PGX 3.0
(DC, 1941)
Fred Ray cover. Interior art by Wayne Boring, Joe Shuster, and Paul Cassidy.

Superman #9 (DC, 1941)
CGC VG- 3.5
Cream to off-white pages.
Fred Ray art — He never made his covers more complicated than they had to be, and you can see right here how appealing he made the character of Superman. Inside the comic, the Man of Steel is drawn by his co-creator Joe Shuster as well as the late Paul Cassidy. Note that a small plastic stabilizing peg is loose inside the CGC holder, not affecting the integrity of the holder or the comic itself. From the Aviator Collection.
Fine PGX 6.0

Very Good – CGC 3.5
(July 1941)
With Cream to Off-White Pages.
Would definately grade higher than fine, but has 2 bindery holes. Superman Comic # 12,
Good / Very Good PGX 3.0
Sept Oct 1941
, war cover
Superman arm-and-arm with sailor & soldier.
Has ad for All Flash Quarterly # 1.
Lex Luthor appearance. Fred Ray cover. Jerry Siegel story. John Sikela art.. Vibrant color inside.
Superman Comic # 13
VG+ PGX 4.5

Superman Comic # 14
Good PGX 2.0
Published in 1941 by DC Comics.
Main problems with this book: Triangle piece out top right front cover. Book has been incorreclty cut, so that top and bottom are at an angle. Suspect misprint/publication problem, rather than guillotining later. Several cover tears, but solid copy.

Superman Comic # 15
Good PGX 2.0
Published in 1941 by DC Comics.
Professionally graded 2.0
cover loose

Superman Comic # 16
Good- PGX 1.8
Published in 1941 by DC Comics.
This comic is: "SUPERMAN # 16, 1942" Superman battles "MISTER SINISTER", a DIMENSIONAL SUPERVILLAIN. FIRST LOIS LANE COVER. Centerfold loose; bugs chewed a 1/2" piece off upper right corners of first 32 pages (no art affected); a 1" clean tear on mid-right edge and thru first 32 pages; slight spine roll; several small chips off spine and 2 small pieces of tape over them. Otherwise comic is TIGHT and VERY GOOD.

Superman Comic # 17
Good / Very Good PGX 3.0
Published in 1941 by DC Comics.

white pages
Hitler cover
Note large 3" front cover tear going toward right edge, unobtrusive for grade. Pages are solid white! Cover is reasonably tight at both staples. There is no tape or signs of repair.

Superman Comic #18
VG- PGX 3.5

(some light soiling on the covers)

Superman Comic # 19
Good PGX 2.0

Professionally graded 2.5

Superman Comic #20 FN- PGX 5.5

(light shadow on the top and right edge),

And the book:

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