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**ORIGIN SUB-MARINER by Bill Everett**

**INTRO. HUMAN TORCH by Carl Burgos**


**INTRO. & Only Appearance JUNGLE TERROR**

**INTRO. THE ANGEL by Gustavson**





@@ >>> 5 MONTH TIME PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE <<< @@ **FREE SHIPPING IN U.S.A with BIN PURCHASE** **Complete Description Noted Below** ~~We Sold This MMC #1 in January 2008 for $27,500.00. The Purchaser at That Time, A Long-Time Customer, Has Asked Us to Consign the Book and Offer it for Sale to Our Monthly Direct Customers and Also to Our Ebay Customers. Well, Here We Go: - Here's The Most Important Issue Ever in the History of Timely/Marvel Comics ~~ And This Timely/Publisher File Copy is THE Single Most Historically Important Issue of Them All. The Auction Ad and Pics Posted Below are From the First (and Only) Offering and Sale Date (1/2008) of This Copy. Book Is Still Securely Housed in the Original CGC Slab (as Seen in Pics Below). Slab is Free of any Blemishes (No Cracks, No Chips, etc). Consignor Will Overnight Shipment of The Book to Us Upon Sales Agreement. Consignor Appreciates and Will Consider Fair Offers/Extended Time Pay Options. However, Payment Requirements, As Noted Below, are Mandatory. Don't Miss This Opportunity. ~~ ~~ Here's a Very Rare, Chance-in-a-Collecting-Lifetime Opportunity to be One of Only a Handfull of Collectors/Investors to Ever Own an OCTOBER 1939, FIRST PRINTING, MARVEL COMICS #1 ~~ ~~ Here's an Extremely Rare, Chance-in-a-Collecting-Lifetime Opportunity to be THE ONLY Collector/Investor to Own THE Most Historically Important, One-and-Only-of-Its'-Kind, October 1939 First Printing, TIMELY/PUBLISHER FILE COPY of MARVEL COMICS #1 ~~ ** CLICK >> HERE << for Factual Information Regarding This Oct. 1939 1st Print MARVEL COMICS #1 Timely/Publisher File Copy. Including Sales Data, True Rarity and Value & Other Important Facts About This One-And-Only-Of-Its’-Kind Marvel Comics #1. The Provenance of This Copy Alone is Priceless. **CLICK >> HERE << for A Brief Note/History About Timely, Funnies, Inc and J.H. Compton: And Their Relationship and the Historical Importance to ((This)) Very Copy of Marvel Comics #1: **MARVEL COMICS #1 - Timely -- OCTOBER 1939. This is an Ultra-Rare, 1st Print Run Copy. This is NOT the More Common, NOVEMBER 1939 2nd Print Run. >>> The Provenance of This Copy Alone is Priceless ~

>>> FACT: Publishing Print Run Information Shows That This October 1939 Cover Dated Issue is TEN (10x) TIMES RARER Than the November 1939 Cover Dated Issue. Sales Data Also Supports the Ultra-Rarity of This October 1939 Cover Dated Issue. This May be Only the 2nd or 3rd October 1939 Cover Dated Issue Ever Offered for Sale.

>>> DESCRIPTION #1: Absolutely Incredible, Most Memorable and Historically Important Issue And Cover in All of ComicDom. Cover by Sci/Fi Pulp Illustrator Frank R. Paul. Very Seldom Seen or Offered for Sale. Next-to-Impossilbe to Find an Original, OCTOBER 1939 Cover Dated FIRST PRINTING Copy. AND …This Copy IS the SUPER-RARE, OCTOBER 1939 COVER DATED, FIRST PRINTING. This is NOT the More Common (And Still Super-Rare!) November 1939 Second Print Run Copy. This IS The FIRST-EVER TIMELY ISSUE. Beautiful Copy (Just Look at the Photos Below Taken Before CGC Grading and Encapsulation!). This Copy was Undergraded in Our Opinion. All You Need to Do is Look at the Pics Posted Below of Both the Front and Back Covers and the Inside Pages of the Book Before CGC Grading. Clearly, The CGC Label/Grade Doesn't Match the Book Inside the CGC Holder. There are Thousands of CGC Graded 3.0 Copies Out There That Don't Look Half as Nice as This Copy. Don't Think You'll EVER Find a 1.8 That Looks This Good!!

>>> Description #1 Continued: CGC noted Brittle Pages. There Were a Few Slightly Brittle Pages in the First Story (Human Torch) — (were not fully brittle as one could easily flip through and read without the pages being damaged – fully brittle pages will fall apart when handled) — but the Rest of the Pages of the Remaining 5 Stories, ads, etc Were All Off-White and Pliable – They Were NOT Brittle (See Photos Below of Page Quality). This Copy was Also a Publisher/Packager (Funnies, Inc) File Copy Which Came Off the Press without Staples and Was Put into a Binder Type Holder for the Writer John Compton (Very Tiny Holes at Spine Area Slightly Larger than a Pin Size Hole) Which is Where the "Spine Splits Sealed" and "Staples Replaced, Reinforced" Come In. At Some Point After Publishing, The Staples Were Put In When The Book was Taken Out of the Binder-Type Holder. Staples were NOT put in the Book After it Came off the Printing Press – It Went right into the Publisher's/Writer's Bound Volume/Binder. Also Important to Note, This Was the Personal Copy of Funnies, Inc Writer John Compton. His Pencil Notes Appear on a Few Pages of the Human Torch Story (1st Story). They (The Writers and Publisher) Were Still Revamping and Tweeking This Issue's Story-Line and Content During the First Printing as Evident by John Compton's Pencil Notes on These Few Pages.


>>> Overstreet Guide Notes that This OCTOBER 1939 Cover Dated Issue is Rarer and Has a Higher Value Than the More Common NOVEMBER 1939 Cover Dated Issue ~

>>> This is a Super-Rare — One-and-Only That We Are Aware Of — Publisher/Distributor/Packager (Funnies, Inc) File Copy ~

>>> The MOST Historically Important Issue in Timely/Marvel's History ~

>>> The MOST Historically Important Issue in ALL OF COMICDOM Along With DC's Action #1 (1st Superman) and Detective #27 (1st Batman) ~

>>> This October 1939 Cover Dated Issue is a Minimum of TEN (10x) TIMES RARER Than the November 1939 Cover Dated Issue ~

>>> Do You Collect the Most Important and Most Significant Issues of the Golden-Age and ALL of ComicDom? Do You Collect the Truly "Rare" Issues of the Golden-Age and ALL of ComicDom? If Yes, You Don't Want to Miss Out on This One! This Type of Issue Very, Very Seldom Surfaces for Sale. Near Impossible to Find the OCTOBER 1939 Cover Dated First Printing. Here's a Chance of a Collecting Life-Time!

>>> Don't Miss This Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity …Take Advantage of Our 5 Month Time Payment Option!

>>> Time Payments Available <<< >>> DESCRIPTION #2 with CGC Notes: It Is Our Opinion That The CGC Label/Grade Doesn't Match the Book Inside the CGC Holder. This Copy is Rather Stunning for the CGC Grade Given. Apparent 1.8 (sp) Slight Professional. Intro. Human Torch, Ka-Zar, Angel, Jungle Terror and Masked Raider. Origin of Sub-Mariner. 1st-EVER TIMELY. Frank R. Paul Cover. Carl Burgos, Bill Everett, Paul Gustavson, Ben Thompson and Al Anders Story and Art. This Copy is Nearly Perfectly Centered with Beautiful Edges and Beautiful, Rich Cover Colors and Bone-White Whites. This Copy Has NO Pieces Added. This Copy Has NO Color Touch. This Copy Has No Pressing. This Copy Has NO Trimming. This Copy Has NO Tape. This Copy Has NO Glue, etc. The Restoration is SLIGHT and PROFESSIONAL (SP). Restoration includes, as Noted on the CGC Label: spine splits sealed, cleaned, reinforced, staples replaced, from a bound volume, brittle pages. OK …Here's the problem with the CGC Grade: First Off, and Most Important, The Pages are NOT Brittle. As we've noted previously, and as can be seen in the pictures provided of the page quality, there were a few "slightly brittle", delicate pages in the first story of the book (human torch story) – All of the remaining pages were NOT brittle and could easily be read and flipped through without any damage to the pages. We believe the lower grade of 1.8 given by CGC was due to what they called "brittle pages" – as it is very obvious from the pictures, etc provided here that this copy is far nicer than a 1.8 grade. Also, as previously noted, this book was the personal file copy of writer John Compton and was put into a Publisher's/Writer's Binder/Bound Volume immediately from the press — It Had NO Staples to Begin With – as It was Put Into the Publisher's/Writer's Bound Volume Immediately From the 1st Printing of The Book in August of 1939 (The 1st Printing Was Printed in August of 1939 and First Released in Oct. of 1939) — Having Been Removed from the bound volume some time after, the Staples were Added (not replaced, but ADDED, so, technically, they are the "original" staples to the book, not a "Replacement" of Staples), reinforced and the very small spine splits caused from removal from the bound volume were sealed. It probably didn't need to be cleaned – but it sure looks fantastic the way it is now! Looks Much Nicer than the assigned grade – as can be seen in the various pictures provided here.

>>> Yes, the Asking Price is Above Guide for a Slightly, Professionally Restored Copy of One of the Three Most Important and Valuable Books in Comic Book History. And, As Noted Here, It IS The MUCH RARER, OCTOBER 1939 1st Printing & is Also an Historically Important Publisher's/Writer's File Copy – This is A ONE-AND-ONLY of Its Kind Issue.

>>> The Provenance of This Copy Alone is Priceless ~

>>> It is Our Opinion That This Copy is Undergraded. We've Included Additional Scans Below so You Can be the Judge.

Here's the book:

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