The Top Silver Age Books by Overstreet Guide Value Over Time

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What follows is a list of the top Silver Age books by Overstreet Guide value over the past 30+ years. More will be added to this in terms of views and interactivity as I find the time. Right now it's just sorted in order of current (OS 36) value. At minimum I plan on putting it into XML and then doing some scripting to make the interface a little more useful.

Also, since I'm fascinated by this sort of thing, expect some comments from the peanut gallery as well.

'Tec 225 and Showcase 1 are included because they're both valuable and interesting. Think of them as honorary Silver Age books even if they don't technically fit.

That was cool, right?

I'd like to thank Bob Overstreet for the guide and for all he's done for the hobby over the years. Obviously this little bit of research wouldn't be possible without the guide being the center of the hobby for so long in the first place.

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