October 2015 Comic Market Report: Please Ogle The Best Silver Age Marvel Selection at Auction in 3 Years


This month… I bet you thought I'd be talking about the Green Lantern 76 cover or maybe some of the other incredible art at offer this month at Heritage. I thought about it, but at the end of the day I love me some Silver Age Marvels and the selection at this Signature Auction is so great I just can't help myself. I'm 100% focused this month on Silver Age Marvels. Let's get into it, there's a lot to look at.

Fantastic Four


The best books in this auction, other than the big Avengers keys which I'll talk about in a bit, are from the featured Fantastic Four collection. Seeing all these prime examples of all these keys and first appearances and keys is a real treat.

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Fantastic Four #45 Twin Cities pedigree CGC 9.6

The consignor bought these books recently (within the past decade or so), often at public auction, so there's some chance that he could lose money on some of these books. There's no chance with this book. He bought it for $4500 and it's already blown past that- the current bid is $7000. We'll see how it does. This is a nice anchor book for the consignor. I could see it hitting $20,000.

Fantastic Four #2 CGC NM 9.4

1st Skrulls. Considering how often they still show up and how important they've been to the Marvel Universe, this book ought to be more beloved just for the Skrulls.

I just read a great Skrulls appearance in the Groot book on the shelves right now.

Fantastic Four #4 (Marvel, 1962) CGC NM 9.4

There's really nothing like early silver age Namor. Stan Lee wrote the hell out of him in his early Fantastic Four appearances.

Fantastic Four #12 CGC NM 9.4

Hulk Smash!

Fantastic Four #39 CGC NM+ 9.6 and Fantastic Four #40 CGC NM+ 9.6

I LOVE this pair of books. It's right around this time that the Lee/Kirby FFs went into pure sublime perfection mode.

Fantastic Four #55 Boston pedigree CGC 9.9

Minty! This book being in an old holder will probably scare some people, but it still says 9.9 on the label. Big bucks!

The Boston books are silly nice, BTW. There are no keys, but they're silly nice. I regret not buying a bunch from Bechara years ago. He had a box priced, ungraded, at 5x guide and I still think I would have made out like a bandit in the intervening years.

Fantastic Four #51 CGC NM+ 9.6 White pages

I'm supposed to be buying a Daredevil #1 at some point. If I weren't splashing out on this book might be fun.

Everything else

There are some other books in this auction. I'm a geek for FFs, but they can't get all the love.

The Amazing Spider-Man #14 CGC NM/MT 9.8

Is this a $50,000 book? Is this a $100,000 book? If certain people decide they want to have the best of the best of the best, then his could get nuts.

The Amazing Spider-Man #16 CGC NM/MT 9.8

Sweet Daredevil crossover, bro.

The Avengers #1 CGC NM+ 9.6

I hear The Avengers are pretty popular.

The Avengers #4 (Marvel, 1964) CGC NM+ 9.6

Captain America is an Avenger.

The Avengers #9 Pacific Coast pedigree CGC NM+

Wonder Man should be a MCU Avenger. Let's make this happen.

Journey Into Mystery #83 CBCS NM+ 9.6

This is a big test for CBCS. This book should probably sell for $350-400,000 in 9.6. Does a CBCS 9.6 hold up as well as a CGC 9.6 for a major Silver Age key? We'll see.

Oh yeah, Thor is an Avenger.

Tales of Suspense #39 CGC NM 9.4

This guy is an Avenger too.

This auction has lots of Avengers apparently.

That's it for now. I could have doubled this list once over with other sick Marvel silver age glories. I feel like taking the day off to see these books sell. I'll cover these all in-depth next month. I also might do a part two of this month's market report in order to look at a few other books being listed at ComicConnect, Pedigree and ComicLink. We'll see!

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