High Value eBay Comics Auction For the Week Ending 2012.2.11 (Action #1)

A new record for an individual comic book on eBay.

ACTION COMICS #1 CGC 7.0 1st Superman Holy Grail DC Golden Age

Sold For: 120,100.00 Seller: sparklecitycomics ( 43942 )


ACTION COMICS #1 CGC 7.0 1st Superman Holy Grail DC Golden Age

Action Comics #1 is truly an American Treasure. Its place in both American History and Comic History has already been etched. The image of Superman holding a car against the white background on the cover is well known by everyone who collects comics as well as millions who don't. Superman is known universally across the globe and is a cultural icon in the same way the names of Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan and Babe Ruth are. You can ask people who do not know sports those names and they will know exactly who they are. In the same way, Superman is known by those that know little about comics. The significance of Superman in pop culture and American History cannot be understated and the significance of Action Comics #1 is broad and far reaching. Action Comics #1 is not only the 1st appearance of the Man of Steel, but it is also the comic that is known as the first true superhero comic. Superman paved the way for countless others and began a trend that continues today and has become part of the fabric of our lives. This is an opportunity for a comic collector, an American history collector, an art collector, a pop culture collector, and investor, or plain and simple, anyone who wants to own something special that can be treasured or bragged about to acquire a piece of American history and world history for that matter. This is a chance to join an exclusive club of people who own a copy of this national treasure. Its not often one has the chance to take ownership of a piece of history this significant. There are an estimated 50 to 100 copies said to exist and 55 have walked thru CGC's doors since their inception. That's a small amount compared to the 200,000 copies printed originally in 1938 and a even a smaller amount compared to the millions that want to own a copy within today's collector base. The reason for the shortage of copies of this comic is primarily due to the World War II paper drive. Kids and families across the nation were encouraged to help America's effort in gathering resources to fight the Axis of Evil. Tons and tons of Golden Age comics were sacrificed because it was seen as your civic duty to help your country. With less than 100 believed to exist, the demand for this comic is phenomenal. Make no mistake about it, someone will be the new owner of this comic in 10 days since we are proud to offer this example of comic's Holy Grail with NO RESERVE. This particular Action Comics #1 has been professional examined and graded by CGC the top 3rd party independent comic grading service within the hobby. CGC has confirmed all the paper restoration work done and has assigned the appropriate grade. Unlike other restored copies, even the trained eye would have a hard time spotting the professional restoration job on the brilliant cover which looks every bit VF/NM. Given the fact that a copy of this appeal would cost nearly $1 million dollars if unrestored, this will be the best chance for many to acquire a copy for a more modest amount. Restored copies that do not look as nice as this one and have clear visible evidence of restoration have sold for as much as $150,000. Close your eyes and imagine this comic on your wall or in your trophy case or just being able to say you own a copy. Good luck bidding an enjoy the auction!

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