High Value eBay Comics Auction For the Week Ending 2011.10.1 (Fantastic Four #12)

Fantastic Four #12 CGC 9.4 1st Meeting Hulk/Thing 2nd HIGHEST OW/WHITE

Sold For:$48,201.00 Seller: sparklecitycomics ( 43353 )



Hailing from Saginaw Michigan, this original owner collections features complete runs of most major Marvel Titles in astonishing condition. Once collectors get their hands on these ultra high grade books, they will be amazed by the vivid deep colors on the covers and the white interior pages. When we first held these books, it became clear that this is what silver age marvels looked like the day they hit the newsstand. A young man bought everyone of these stunning comics from the same newsstand from 14 years old to 35 years old any read them once carefully and placed them inside plastic in groups of 10 and wrapped them tight. We had the honor of being the ones to open them this year. These early Marvels have not seen the light of day for almost 50 years. Unlike some of the other great Silver Age pedigree collections, the Saginaw collection will be offered on EBAY exclusively with No Reserve.

Fantastic Four #12 CGC 9.4 1st Meeting Hulk/Thing 2nd HIGHEST OW/WHITE

Check this one out. Only 1 copy grades higher than this monster example of the landmark 1st meeting of the Hulk and the Thing. We are not sure why this beautiful copy with vivid colors and razor sharp edges only got a 9.4, we are struggling to find a visible defect anywhere. Featuring off-white to white pages and a flawless spine, someone will walk away with possibly the 2nd best certified copy. Stan Lee story. Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers cover and art. Serial number 1053526004

The Book:

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