Five for Friday (Miller Wolverine, McFarlane Spider-Man, Mignola, Avengers 4, Daredevil 43 CGC 9.8)

Daredevil #43 CGC 9.8 Captain America Marvel Silver Age Comic Jack Kirby

I don't like the centering on this copy, but it's a really high number and it should do well.

Avengers #4 CGC 9.6 *HIGHEST GRADED* 1st SA Captain America Marvel Silver Age

Another Saginaw book that will end up on the eBay record list.

Frank Miller Wolverine #1 Page 12 Mini-Series Original Art 1982

It's a great time to be a Miller collector if you've been fretting about the lack of material. Pages are flooding the market.

Todd McFarlane Original Art Amazing Spider Man #308 page19 Spidey in all cells!

These pages generate just a little bit of interest… I think this was the fist issue of McFarlane's Spider-Man that I actually bought.

Original Mike Mignola Witchfinder #2 Cover art! Auction for Sonny!

Post a Mignola cover and I will feature it here. That's a rule.

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