Steve Borock Joins ComicLink as Senior Consignment Director

We have some exciting news here at ComicLink! I am thrilled to announce the addition of Steve Borock to the ComicLink team in the role of Senior Consignment Director. Working out of Sarasota, Florida, Steve will be handling consignments of comic books, original artwork, and other certified collectibles such as video games, VHS, action figures, trading cards and more!

Steve is a lifelong hobbyist and comic book reader, first setting up to sell comic books at the old Phil Sueling convention as a young teen in the 1970s. He’s been “playing with comic books” ever since, living a good part of his life on the convention floor and with other hobbyists. A fixture in the comic book hobby, Steve has for many years been a Senior Advisor to the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, The Overstreet Guide To Grading Comics, and on the board of the Hero Initiative.

Steve and I have been great friends since the 1990s. We met just a few years after I started ComicLink, becoming fast friends and business associates. We even talked briefly about working together prior to Steve being hired as the original primary grader and restoration detection expert at CGC (incidentally, it was Steve that also showed me how to detect certain types of comic book restoration).

“I believed in Josh from the beginning,” says Steve Borock, “he had a great idea with ComicLink but moreover, he was honest. I recognized that the level of his personal and professional ethics stood out in this hobby at a time when it sorely needed them.”

Steve’s reputation as an expert and beloved friend to many in the professional comic book community was instrumental in the adoption of the grading standards used by so many hobbyists to this day. Steve’s voice was a major component in comic book certification gaining acceptance. He sold me on the concept initially and I have supported comic book certification from the start, featuring CGC certified comic books prominently on the ComicLink website since CGC’s launch in 2000. Still, I fondly remember—as do many of ComicLink’s long-term buyers—the old precertification days when it was ComicLink that verified the grade of every single book before shipping it off to a buyer. But I digress…

After being with CGC through a formative stage of its development, Steve spent well over a decade as a respected expert and professional in the comic book hobby, holding top positions within multiple firms, handling many millions of dollars worth of high value comic books and original artwork, and also spearheading the launch and growth of the CBCS, CGC's rival which was acquired by Beckett.

“I am ready and extremely excited to start my next journey in our great hobby as Senior Consignment Director at ComicLink,” says Steve Borock. “Josh and I have been fantastic friends and have done business together for 25 years now and though we always talked about working together someday, the stars never aligned until now! I am so looking forward to working with Josh, Douglas and the rest of the ComicLink team. I’ve admired the growth of ComicLink over nearly three decades. ComicLink has the longevity within the comic book hobby and suite of services that offer a value for comic book and original art sellers that I believe is second to none, and I am now proud to be a part of that.”

“When Josh told me that he was considering bringing Borock on board, I was all for it,” says Douglas Gillock, ComicLink’s Vice President and Senior Consignment Director. “I'm happy that Steve will be an integral part of our team, and I look forward to seeing what we can all accomplish together!”

Between the amazing consignment material that has been coming in for upcoming auctions and the welcome addition of Steve to my ComicLink team, 2023 is already shaping up to be a fantastic year at ComicLink. I'm so looking forward to what else is to come!

Steve Borock can now be reached at and via his new ComicLink extension, at 617-517-0062 ext 107

My Best,

Josh Nathanson

ComicLink Founder & Managing Director

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