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Holy crap… Steve Borock is leaving CGC

I feel like heading out to San Diego and living out of a rental car just to talk about this news.

I wish Steve all the best. He's been great to me over the years and whatever his detractors might say I think the work he's done with CGC has been great for the hobby.

And congrats to Mark and Paul for moving up in the pecking order!

Steven Borock to Leave CGC; Mark Haspel Named President and Primary Grader

Posted at 7/7/2008

CGC President and Primary Grader Steven Borock has formally announced his departure after a six-month transition program. Beginning early 2008, Borock had largely transitioned from his grading responsibilities to CGC business development in anticipation of this move. He is leaving to pursue other opportunities in the collectibles field, specifically the areas of comic books, magazines and autographed collectibles.

Mark Haspel, who has served as Vice President and Senior Grader since CGC's inception, has been named President and Primary Grader and assumed Steven Borock's duties in the grading room. Widely acclaimed as one of the nation's leading experts, Haspel is highly skilled at both restoration detection and pedigree attribution. He is a grading advisor to the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide and has consulted on grading for many of the hobby's most important collections. Paul Litch, who oversees CGC's modern grading division, has been named Vice President and Modern Primary Grader.

"My years at CGC, spent building something really special in comics and helping our hobby to become a safer place, has been an amazing time in my life. Mark Haspel has been a spectacular partner and colleague. He has encyclopedic knowledge of comics and an amazing eye for grading and restoration detection," comments Steven Borock, "Mark has been acting Primary Grader for six months, and I know that I'm leaving at the perfect time to pursue new ventures and that CGC will continue to service the hobby in the best possible way."

Steven Eichenbaum, CEO, thanks Steven Borock for his service: "Steve has been a major factor in CGC's success, and he's been an integral part in launching new products that are coming later this year. He and Mark have managed the transition perfectly. Mark Haspel is an extraordinary talent, and has all the tools to guide CGC and maintain its very high standards. In Steve, we truly found the best individual to launch and grow CGC for its first 8 years, and everyone, here and in the hobby, wishes him great success in his next ventures."

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