Tales of Suspense #39 CBCS 9.4 Sold For $70,320.29 Last Month- Crossover Bargain?

Looking at this sale, I think the buyer did really well. Even if a crossover regrade went down to 9.2, I think $70,000 is good money. A 9.0 is something like a $45-50,000 book right now (9.0 is the latest high grade sales data we have), so a 9.2 could easily do $80-90,000 or more. If it went over to a CGC holder as a 9.4? The buyer would be looking at a book worth two times what they paid originally.

I haven't pored over the scans to see if there's any reason to expect it's not really a 9.4, so maybe there's something obvious I'm just not seeing, but to me, I think this was a steal.

TALES OF SUSPENSE # 39 CBCS 9.4 – Marvel – 1st App & Origin of IRON MAN – KEY! | eBay

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