Summer 2015 Comic Market Report: What's a Cover Worth?


Sorry for doing a blanket "summer" market report this time, but the summer is the summer and things get in the way. I also wasn't particularly excited by the material that crossed the boards in June and July, so there's that too. Any problems with motivation are now smashed as the latest Heritage Signature Auction is live and is so full of good stuff it's not even funny.

On with the show.

Suspense Comics #3 Pennsylvania pedigree CBCS 9.0

The title of this article refers to this book. While it is a striking cover and the book itself is relatively scarce, the idea that this book is worth six figures is crazy to some people (me included.) For other people, this lurid Alex Schomburg covered book is a grail. This pedigree copy is the best known and will test the sanity of non-believes and believes alike. I don't even want to predict where this will end up.

John Byrne and Terry Austin X-Men #137 Double Splash Pages 2-3

When I wrote about the X-Men #136 page a few months ago, I joked that the seemingly "happy" moment in that page was short-lived. This incredible double page splash is the beginning of the end as the whole team (the whole team!) finds themselves transported onto a Shi'ar ship to answer for Jean Grey's crimes. What an amazing page. I expect this to sell for a bazillion dollars.

Heritage's key book parade

They might not have an Action #1 or a Detective Comics #27 in this Signature Auction, but Heritage has managed to put together a ridiculous number of key books in this auction. Let's take a quick look at what they've got going on.

Adventure Comics #40 (DC, 1939) CBCS VG- 3.5 and Adventure Comics #40 (DC, 1939) CGC Apparent VG+ 4.5

Two Adventure 40s in one auction. That's just silly.

All-American Comics #16 (DC, 1940) CGC FN+ 6.5

6.5 is tied for 3rd highest graded. Tough book.

All Star Comics #3 Married Pages (DC, 1940) CGC Apparent VF- 7.5

Does anyone else think the "Justice Society of America" on the table looks like an elaborate date stamp? I've always thought that. It looks like an afterthought.

All Winners Comics #1 (Timely, 1941) CGC FN+ 6.5

This is a Golden Age Timely #1 with Captain America on the cover… I think this book is probably undervalued. Is that crazy?

Batman #1 (DC, 1940) CGC Apparent FN 6.0 Extensive (B-5)

I'm going to give Batman #1 a long think. In the context of today's media and comic landscape, where does this book rank in importance?

Jumbo Comics #1 (Fiction House, 1938) Condition: VG+

This book is both highly collectible (1st Fiction House, 1st Kirby, 1st Sheena, additional art by Kane and Eisner) and difficult as hell to collect (it's huge!) I wonder how much this book would be worth if it was regular sized. Of course, then it wouldn't be Jumbo.

Marvel Comics #1 (Timely, 1939) CGC VG 4.0

Remember when this was the #3 book in the hobby? It's not even the biggest Timely right now.

Superman #1 Verified Signature — Signed By Siegel, Shuster, etc.

I don't like signed books, most of the time. I really like this book.

Wonder Woman #1 (DC, 1942) CGC GD 2.0 Brittle pages

I really need to look at Wonder Woman #1 in high grade to sort out where the $100,000 cutoff is for this book. An 8.5 sold for $50,000 five years ago. A 9+ copy would be a big deal right now.

The Incredible Hulk #1 (Marvel, 1962) CGC VF- 7.5

I guess I should share a Silver Age book.

This is basically a $50,00 book now.

Hulk is in the Avengers, by the way.

That's it for now. See you next month!

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