New Mutants #87 Still Sealed, Marvel Subscription (Newsstand!) Copy. A Rare Copy of 1st Cable.

I picked up a small collection of sealed, unread, Marvel subscription copies this week. I bought the books without knowing titles or issue numbers. I knew that they were from the early 1990s. I was hoping for a New Mutants #98, of course, but I ended up doing pretty well with a couple of the books. I got a Thor #412 (1st New Warriors) and the book shown above- New Mutants #87, 1st Cable. I've sold many hundreds of copies of this book over the years and this is by far the most interesting individual copy. It's still sealed in the mailing "envelope"/bag, with the Marvel insert/"backing board" intact. I can't imagine there are many copies like this out there. It's a really neat book. I've listed it and many other copies from this collection on eBay.

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