Behold This Original Owner, Previously Unknown (Blindingly Bright!) Marvel Comics #1 CBCS 7.5


You've probably already hear the news about this newly discovered, graded and sold (privately) copy of Marvel Comics #1. Even though I'm late to the party I wanted to share some thoughts on this book.

  1. l haven't graded enough CBCS books to have a good feel for the way they judge page quality, but even without that knowledge I can see this book is supernaturally bright. It's just amazing to see any book (especially non Church/Reilly) from that era remain this bright after all these years.
  2. This book always has registration problems. One of the important aspects of the near-mythical Church copy is that it's supposed to have perfect registration in addition to being nearly perfectly preserved. This copy? The yellow plate went for went for a jog around the block and then collapsed in a heap.
  3. I appreciate the fact that CBCS is putting "November Copy" on the label.
  4. How crazy is it that a book of this magnitude could just show up at CBCS? Collectors and dealers, take note, the well isn't completely dry yet. I don't know how often books like this will show up, as soon the years will favor the Golden Age books all being uncovered. But there's still plenty of room for some Siler Age stunners to come out of the woodwork over the next 20 years

And this, my friends, is why I love this hobby.

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