Five for Friday (Byrne X-Men, Phil Noto, Action 85, Swamp Thing 28 Art, Sandman 21 Art)

X-men #138 page 10 by John Byrne and Terry Austin

Well, how about that? A very cool page for an X-Men fan in general and… it's Byrne!

Phil Noto Superman Lois Lane Heroes Con 2006 Painting

Crummy photo, but knowing Noto that thing must shine in person.

Action Comics #85 CGC 9.2 Universal Grade June 1945

Want listed! What great cover dialog.

Swamp Thing #28 Alan Moore & McManus. GREAT!

What a bad-ass page this is. It's a great image of Swamp thing and it's penned by Moore.

ORIGINAL ART Neil Gaiman/Mike Dringenberg SANDMAN 1990

Sandman took about a year to take off. After that first year the buzz was basically deafening. At this point the book had found its voice and the arc format that would take it through to the end of the run. Classic stuff.

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