Five for Friday (TMNT #1, All Select 7, Frank Miller, Blood is the Harvest, Batman 31)

This is a weird week. Nothing that really grabs me. That's rare.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 cgc 9.4 White 1st print

I'll never tire of this book. I remember seeing it on the shelves. I didn't buy it.

All Select Comics #7 WWII Cover Golden Age – Timely

This is a book that screams "Golden Age" to me. There are a lot of different ways a person can approach Golden Age comics and one of the funnest is through the lens of the hyperkinetic Timely war cover.

Frank Miller Daredevil #172 Bullseye Kingpin Page

This is a page that wouldn't work nearly as well as a piecce of history, but might work better as a piece of art if it were produced in the modern era. All those dialog balloons take away from what could be a gorgeous black and white page. But… the dialog balloons have their own interest and the actual dialog is cool. Interesting page.

Blood is the Harvest Rare High Grade 1950’s

Okay, so this one kind of grabs me. Not a book I'd buy, but I've always been fascinated by this one.

Batman #31 VF 8.0 white pages Alfred story DC 1945

That's one cool cover.

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