Five For Friday (Superman #1, Batman #1, Conan #1 Art, Adventure 40, Unattributed Keown Art)

Hulk 371 pg20

He might make a few more bucks if he mentioned that it was by Dale Keown.

Superman #1 cgc 7.5 ext (P) OW/White 1939 Original copy

Sure, it's Extensive. Still… it's a Superman #1.

BARRY SMITH!!! Conan #1 page!!! Fight with demon!!!

Conan #1 art. That's super cool.

Adventure 40 cgc 8.0 Moderate (P) cr to ow pgs Sandman!

Tough, key Golden Age book. If it was more sought after it would be through the roof value-wise. Very tough to find.

Batman #1 1940 Golden Age..Nice!

I'm weird in that I think Batman #1 is undervalued. Sue me.

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