Top Ten Silver Age Favorites

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I think I promised this a while ago…

A few notes and then I'll dive right into the fun. This list is nothing more than a laundry list of the books that I think are the coolest, for whatever reason. Unless otherwise noted in the individual book's description, this isn't an assessment of investment value or overall historic measure so there's no need to email me to point out the error of my ways for any books that I might fail to include. Also, the order is not, by any stretch of the imagination, set in stone. This is the way I feel today, tomorrow could be a different story entirely. I've kept this list to the "bigger" books. Basically anything with a guide value over $1000. Other than that I think a "Ten Favorite…" list should be pretty easy to figure out, so I'll just dive into it.

10. Brave and the Bold #28: This is just such a massive book for the DCU (and the Silver Age in general) that I can't help but love it. Basically the thundering weight of this book as a collectible and key draws me towards it like the sun pulls comets in from the Kuiper Belt.

I also get a kick out of Starro and the odd fact that this book is Aquaman's first cover appearance.

9. Green Lantern #1: Have I mentioned I'm a Hal Jordan fan? I think I have. The character, the costume, the "darkest day…" thing, all of it just works for me. Of course, Gil Kane is pretty cool too, so this book and this series have a lot going for them.

This is most likely the next SA key that I buy.

Have I mentioned that Hal Jordan is on his way back to the DCU with a ring? HAL JORDAN!

8. Hulk #1: Despite the apparently abominable movie, how can you not love the Hulk? I love the Hulk so his first appearance has always been a book I've been into.

I also love this book as a collectible, since it's one of the toughest of the major Marvel keys to find in grade.

Add to that the fact that typing "Hulk is the strongest one there is!" is fun and you've got the whole story.

Puny humans!

7. X-Men #1: Jean Grey. Scott Summers. The Beast. Professor X. Magneto. Not too shabby a book in terms of first appearances… All of those characters really strike a vibrant chord in my own conception of the Marvel Universe, so I've developed a real affinity for the book. I was like everybody else twenty five ago. I loved the new X-Men, but thought anything before #94 and GS#1 sort of had cooties. Of course, that's ridiculous. This book has more significant first appearances than probably any other Marvel key and it's the foundation of the X-Universe, so if anything I now feel like this book is UNDERappreciated. Crazy, I know, but I can't come to any other conclusion.

6. Fantastic Four #5: Doctor Doom is the greatest villain in the Marvel Universe. Do I really need to say anything else? D-O-C-T-O-R D-O-O-M.

5. Showcase #4: Using the same analogy as with Brave and the Bold 28, Showcase #4 feels like a bigger star, with a bit more mass and a bit more pull on me.

I like the laundry list on this one:

1. It's the 1st appearance of my favorite Flash, Barry Allen.
2. It's the first Silver Age book.
3. It's a strong part of Julius Schwartz's legacy.
4. It's damned hard to find in grade and damned hard to find in general when compared to many other Silver Age keys.

Showcase #4 was also "the book" when I really started to get into the hobby in a serious way (mid-to-late 80s) and I've never lost interest in it.

4. Showcase #22: This book has a lot going for it- Hal Jordan, Gil Kane and it's a Showcase. I'm absolutely fascinated with early Showcases. You just don't see them very often and they're almost all so important (in one way or another.) Theoretically I'd like to own a low/mid/high grade run of Showcase up through #60. Thing is, I'd seriously have to focus both my $$ and energy on the quest, which isn't something I'm very good at. It's like… Daredevil? I can buy a run of that and collect a bunch of other stuff… Showcase? It's all Showcase all the time or else it's just not gonna' happen.

3. Fantastic Four #48: I don't want to hear it. Seriously. I don't care if dealers had stacks a mile high back in the 70s. I don't care if the Silver Surfer isn't as popular now as he was in the 60s. I don't care how easy it is to find in grade. None of that bothers me at all. Yeah, I'm not suggesting that you finance your retirement by buying stacks of this book, but that's not the point. The point is, Fantastic Four 48-50 is my favorite multi-issue story from the silver age and this issue is one of my favorite single books.

Surfer, Galactus, the Watcher- What's not to love?

I also love the cover. It's really a great setup for the monumental activities contained within…

2. Daredevil #1: I bet you didn't see this one coming. Daredevil is the man, sure, but that's mostly because of what happened LATER with the character. So it's more as a historical document that I'm into his first appearance.

1. Fantastic Four #1: This is the book. This is the run. For me, Silver Age means Kirby/Lee Fantastic Four so this has to be the book. I also love the story. I mean, it's not the equal of the amazing books in the middle of the run, but as far these things go it kicks ass. I'm going to buy another one of these soon. I used to own a low grade copy. Unfortunately I sold it long ago. Time for a new one.

Maybe I'll hit the lottery and I can get a high grade copy. Or maybe Captain Tripps will give me his copy as payment for this unsolicited plug for his website!

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