High Comics Related Item for the Week Ending August 2, 2008

This one ends up on the all time ebay sales list.


Winning bid: US $50,300.00 Seller: robojo33 (954)

Here's the description:

This listing is for one of the Hobby's Holy Grails, a CGC graded Amazing Fantasy #15 in apparent 9.6 restored condition, featuring the first appearance and origin of Spiderman, with off-white pages and slight Professional restoration. It is one of two existing CGC graded 9.6s, the two higest graded copies in existance.

Label notes state;

"color touch, piece added, tear seal".

Here is the accompanying text that was included by the Seller of the comic when it was listed on a popular internet auction site back in 2004:

THIS BOOK IS 99.9% ORIGINAL, with miniscule restoration unecessarily performed. Restoration includes following: 1/16" by 1/16" piece added upper left corner, 1/16" tear seal top edge, three 1/16" color touches. NO OTHER RESTORATION (cleaning, pressing, trimming, etc). Serial # is 0071492001 – feel free to call CGC to confirm above. Would have graded CGC NM- 9.2 prior to restoration. Scratch at "T" in "FANTASY" is on outside of slab. Tiny white horizontal line top edge above "Z" in "AMAZING" is NOT crease, but shadow caused from top overhang slightly bent over top of pages.

This may well be the nicest looking AF #15 in existance and based on hobby heirarchy, politics, and dynamics, the lone unrestored 9.6 being given almost 8 years ago to a very important $ubmittor


chances favor that CGC will never favor another AF #15 with a 9.6 grade, restored or unrestored, in the forseeable future, leaving this one and the lone CGC graded unrestored 9.6 copy (which will be the first $1,000,000 comic if it becomes available) the only two 9.6s at the rarified top of the CGC census charts for quite some time to come.

The last recorded sale on a CGC unrestored 9.4 was $227,000.

The last recorded sale on a CGC unrestored 9.0 was $139,000.

The last recorded sale on a CGC unrestored 8.0 was $66,000.

The last recorded sale on a CGC unrestored 7.5 was $43,000.

The last recorded sales on CGC 7.0s unrestored were $34,611 and $32,000.

Currently there are three high grade restored Amazing Fantasy #15s listed on a popular internet auction site:

1) A moderately restored PGX 8.5 with spine reinforcement, cleaned and pressed, tear seals, and color touch listed, asking $9,600.

2) A slightly amateur restored CGC 9.0 with color touch and glue on the spine sold for $15,000.

3) A slightly professionally restored CGC 9.0 with two pieces added and color touch with a $17,100 bid against a $30,000 asking price.

Here is the back cover scan for the comic in this listing:


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