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Basil Wolverton Complete 6 Page Story Rare Original Art – eBay item 170210383372 end time Apr-23-08 12:04:06 PDT

Best Offer: US $30,000.00 Seller: blowoutsales( 2334)


Original Art
Complete Basil Wolverton Story
Featuring Supersonic Sammy in
"Mermaid of the Milky Way"

Not sure of the publication date of this story — I think it was a backup story to Powerhouse Pepper Comics which appeared in the 40s. Basil Wolvertons distinctive and unique style was a significant influence for many other artists. He shows a great comedic flair and extraordinary talent, evident in this art that has no white out or visible sketch lines anywhere in the entire story.

Please feel free to email me with the comic in which this story appeared.

Wolverton art is relatively rare because despite his considerable talent, he was not terribly prolific, having done some golden age humor, 50s horror and back to humor in the 70s. I have owned this story for about a decade.

Currently there is an auction on ebay with a Powerhouse Pepper story, valuing the individual pages at $ 10,000 each. You can own this story for $ 6,500 a page

Note: Someone questioned me because the art shows a publication date of 1964, so I emailed Monte Wolverton, son of Basil, and an artist in his own right, who maintains a site that also discusses his father at www.wolvertoon.com check it out, and he wrote me back:

On Apr 22, 2008, at 8:35 AM, Brad Mandell wrote:

Dear Monte, sorry to bother you – I am a collector who owns a Basil Wolverton story featuring Supersonic Sammy in “Mermaid of the Milky Way”, it appears from marking on the art that it was published in 1964, but was that the date of its first publication? Was your dad doing Supersonic Sammy stories at that time? I know this story has been reprinted in a collection, but I can’t determine when it was first published. I appreciate any help you can provide me on this.

Thanks very much.

– Brad

Monte Wolverton replied:

Hi. Brad —

No — he wasnt producing Supersonic Sammys in the sixties — he created that feature in the early 50s — but it didnt really go anywhere. In this case, he probably without any reference material in front of me sold the art to Timely — a spinoff of which was Humorama, which did black and white girlie magazines in the late 50s and early 60s. They used a lot of his material in those publications — and it was most likely published in one of those in 1964…

— best, Monte

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