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CAPTAIN AMERICA #103 Splash Jack Kirby Original Art
Winning bid: US $8,500.00 Seller: wallstmw (437)

CAPTAIN AMERICA #103 Original Splash Page 1 Art.

HISTORIC SILVER-AGE JACK KIRBY splash page 40-years old.

This original Kirby splash art is historic because it is a page 1 splash from the fourth issue of Cap's first solo comic from the Silver Age. This splash is very unique because you are essentially getting two Kirby splashes in one. On the first transparent page, Jack Kirby drew an ominous full page Red Skull pin up. This page also contains the titling at the top "Captain America, Living Legend of World War II" and the typed paragraph at the bottom. This page is stapled (all original material, still attached as it was originally done) to the main page done on normal art board. The main page has lots of writing in the margins, cool stuff. The art is in beautiful condition with only a small tear on the plastic overlay sheet which has a small piece of tape on it, clearly visible in the scan by the "T" in "THE WEAKEST LINK!" On the main page, everything is original art including the titling (such as "SHIELD VS. SKULL!"). Jack Kirby created an eerie effect on the large-size Red Skull pin up on the overlay page by outlining him in white. Very cool. Not only is this an early Kirby Cap splash from his solo title, this page is true history as it is the first date between Steve Rogers and Agent 13 (THE primary relationship in Cap's life and a story that plays a dominant role in the current off-the-charts story line by Brubaker and Epting! In fact, this image of the Red Skull hovering over Cap and Agent 13 as their relationship begins is eerily foretelling of what is to come in the current Brubaker series. Epting also must have been inspired by classic Kirby Red Skull images such as this when he drew several of his covers with the Red Skull in his current series–see covers to issues number 1 and 31 for example).

This original page 1 splash art was published by Marvel comics in 1968.

Early Kirby Captain America splash pages do not come up for sale very often. And when they do come out, early Kirby splashes are normally tucked away into collections permantly. The Kirby Cap splash from three issues earlier (another historic splash without Cap in costume frozen in ice) sold for a reported $20,000 earlier this year. If you are looking to add a very unique piece to your original art collection, this may be the one for you. I am a private collector with 100% feedback so bid with confidence. Please email me with any questions.

Note: There have been several questions regarding the first page. The first page is NOT vellum. The first splash page is a transparent plastic sheet the same size as the second page, which is standard Marvel art board. The first page has the Kirby Red Skull pin up on it (plus some titling at the top and bottom). The second full page splash has Steve (Cap) and Agent 13 (Sharon) on their historic first date together. Both pages are original art drawn by Jack Kirby. The pages were stapled together at production and the combination of the two pages produced the page 1 splash you see in the published comic Captain America #103. VERY unique and very COOL!

Besides the tear by the "T" in the first page noted above, both pages are in excellent condition. There are no cut-outs or paste-ins.

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