Invest in a calculator.

I guess I will go to my grave trying to understand why BUYERS care what the buyer's premium is. Dozens of people on the forums constantly bitch and moan about Heritage's buyers premium. I just don't get it. If you want to spend $100 on a book, bid accordingly. If there's no BP, bid $100. If there's a 100% BP, bid $50. Each one is $100 out of pocket. Is that concept so impossible to grasp? I guess so, based on the number of people who complain about it like it somehow makes Heritage books more expensive. I really think that some people think they're supposed to just bid what they want to spend and then somehow treat the buyer's premium as some sort of punishment or ADDITIONAL cost. 19.5%, 15%, 25%, 100%? It just doesn't matter.

I blame eBay.

No, really. Buyer's premiums are a fact of life in real auction houses and they're dealt with in a sensible manner by all involved. Comic guys have experience with eBay, first and foremost, so they somehow think THAT'S the way all auctions should work.

Oh well.

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