Cool Comics Scanned From My Collection of Old Auction Catalogs

Feast your eyes on some books that, for the most part, sold in the 1990s and early 2000s in different auctions. These all struck me, for one reason or another, as interesting books to share.

Showcase #4 Mohawk Valley, Sotheby's 1995

At this point, Showcase #4 was still a hot book. This lot sold for $34,500.

Unrestored FN Detective 27, Sotheby's 1997

Gorgeous book, no?

Fantastic Four #1 CGC 9.4, JP The Mint

Obviously, this is my favorite of all the books that went through JP's hands.

High Grade, Restored Action #1, Sotheby's 1996

A restored VF+ 84. Apparently just the cover needed to be reattached, which… is a curious issue for a book as nice looking as this one. Still, how gorgeous is this book? It's crazy nice.

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Artwork Featuring First Appearance of Wolverine to be Auctioned at Heritage


Herb Trimpe and Jack Abel The Incredible Hulk #180 Final Page 32

This is a pretty significant piece. The Hulk 181 cover would be better, of course, but this is a pretty great panel page. The nice, big teaser image of Wolverine in all his old school costume glory really makes this a great page. There will be some bids placed on this one.

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Record Comic Book Sales List Updated- Now With a Chart Plotting $100,000+ Sales Over the Past 20 Years

I've updated the All Time Record Comic Book Sales page with a nice little chart illustrating sales over the past 20 years. It's new, so let me know if you experience any issues. It should work in the latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE9+.

Here's a snapshot of the chart. It's not interactive. The real one is.


The chart is interesting in that it shows two separate events that changed the playing field over night. The introduction of CGC in the early 2000s (since
I have incomplete data on those early sales, they actually stack up right at the beginning of 2000) and then the series of record sales in 2010, which immediately changed the range. We used to have a solid ceiling of $350,000. Overnight we went to world where multiple sales in individual auctions would break that barrier.

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$100,000 Club Relaunched

So, I went ahead and relaunched the $100,000 Club page with a ton of new data and some sorting and filtering/search features. It's still early days in the redesign of the page, but I'd rather get it in front of people sooner rather than later, so there it is.

Once that page is basically stable I'm going to work on some of the other feature pages, getting them up to speed with new data and features. It's slow going, but fun, so I'll keep plugging away.

I'm still also busy adding data (the latest round of auctions, mostly), so there are a few holes. If you see any bugs or have any data to add, you can send me an email, open an issue on Github or leave a comment on the post.

As an aside, if you're a PHP/MySQL genius, and are in the mood to help me out with some enhancements to this portion of the site, let me know.

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Heritage August 2013

As promised, here's more on the latest Heritage auction. This isn't a full rundown of the auction, but it'll do until I really hit my stride here. I've still got coding tasks for this site so it's going to take me a while until I'm 100% content.

Fantastic Four #1 CGC 9.2 White Mountain


One of my dream books from 20+ years ago. The other is the long-missing White Mountain Daredevil #1. I would like to own this book. There's lots of collecting history wrapped up in it and it's a hell of a copy.

Batman #1 (DC, 1940) CGC NM- 9.2

I'm a big proponent of this book, in general. I know that it's not the rarest of the Golden Age keys and that it's available in high grade at a rate unseen in any other Golden Age key other than Marvel Comics #1. I don't care. It's the number one issue of a long-running series featuring one of the five biggest characters in comics and and it includes the first appearances of both Catwoman and the Joker, two of the cornerstones of both the comics and movie Bat-universes. A killer, killer book.

Frank Frazetta The Night They Raided Minsky's Poster Illustration Original Art

It would take me a month to list all the art I'd rather have for $150,000 than this piece. I mean, I love Frazetta and at some level understand that this is a nice piece with lots to look at… I just can't see spending this much money for it. It's just such an oddball piece. For this much money I would want to start to get into the "iconic" category and this, at least in terms of subject matter and approach, doesn't feel like an iconic Frazetta piece to me. Obviously someone else might feel differently and it might just pop that reserve, but I just don't feel it.

Jim Lee/Scott Williams Conan #218 cover


I had no idea this image even existed. What a fool I've been.

Jim Lee First Wave #6 Variant Cover Original Art

I knew this image existed. I'm not sure how many of you did, however

I knew this cover existed. I'm not sure how many of you did.

Jack Kirby and Mike Royer Jack Kirby's Gods Portfolio Mailing Envelope Illustration

I'm not sure how much Kirby crackle I can handle. This piece is probably pushing the boundaries of how much Kirby crackle one piece can hold.

John Byrne and Terry Austin X-Men #112 Page 29 Original Art

This is quite a memorable page for something that doesn't really feature much in the way of action. Having the full roster present and representing a very dramatic turn in the series it hits well above its weight.

There's a nice selection of pedigree Green Lanterns

I may try to win one or two :) You should totally not bid on any of them. I have to see how some other things play out, a little earlier in the auction. With Heritage I just bid what I want to pay on select items and then when/if I lost out on those I'll occasionally move down my list to other books. I actually just screwed up and missed these books the first time I went through the catalog and ended up bidding on some other things I'm (slightly) less interested in.

Yes, I'm that dumb.

So what do you think of this auction? Share it in the comments.

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