ComicConnect Sells a Detective Comics #27 CGC 6.5 for $725,000

det1.9849a (1)

Just two months ago I said, of the Action Comics #1 that sold at ComicConnect, that "Unless something really interesting comes up later this year, this is a pretty good bet to be the most expensive book of the year." It sold for $658,000 which was a damn fine result and was, up until this past month, the top result for the year.

Then… ComicConnect went and topped themselves, selling a CGC 6.5 copy of Detective #27 for $725,000.

I love the fact that this book sold off the auction schedule. Back when we were trying to break the curse of $350,000 a book with an estimate this high would have been the focus of any auction by any of the big auction houses and would have generated a 50 page thread in the Golden Age section of the CGC forum. Nowadays, a book like this can be shopped around for a while (e.g. it was listed on eBay as part of a package deal with the Action #1 CGC 5.0) and then sell for a solid price on a random Monday in June.

We've come a long way, for sure.

Speaking of coming a long way, this book sure looks like a $1,000,000 book right now. Whoever bought that book for $650k is a happy camper right now.

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