Newly Recognized CGC Pedigree – "Chinatown"

CGC is proud to recognize a 60th pedigreed collection, named “Chinatown” for its origin in the Chinatown district of Vancouver, Canada. Discovered in 1999 by Patrick Shaughnessy of Golden Age Collectables, the collection contains many high grade, white paged copies of over 1,300 comics from the ‘40s and ‘50s, including runs of Action, Adventure, All-American, All-Flash, All-Select, All Star, All Winners, Batman, Blackhawk, Black Hood, Black Terror, Captain America, Detective, Feature, Fight, Flash, Four Color, Green Lantern, Hit, Human Torch, Jumbo, Jungle, Marvel Mystery, More Fun, National, Police, Rangers, Sensation, Star Spangled, Startling, Sub-Mariner, Superman, WDC&S, Wonder Woman, World’s Finest, and many others.

80% of the collection has been CGC graded, of which one-third are the highest graded or tied for the highest graded on CGC’s census. 33 copies graded 9.8, with 95 more in 9.6 and 139 in 9.4. 42% of the graded copies received a white page quality designation, and 41% off-white to white.

Some highlights include Action Comics #108 in 9.6, Human Torch #23 in 9.6, Marvel Mystery #66 in 9.6, Batman #37 in 9.2, Fight Comics #44 in 9.6, Planet Comics #46 in 9.6, More Fun #101 in 8.0, Captain America #46 in 8.0, and the Canadian Edition of Batman’s origin, #47 in 9.6.

Patrick Shaughnessy writes:

“In March of 1999 I was contacted by the family of a woman who had recently passed away. During the process of preparing the family home for sale they had discovered over 1,300 long forgotten comic books inside a cupboard in the basement. The wide-ranging collection had been started in 1944 by the late woman's husband, who had passed in 1982. The collection was added to by the daughter, who developed an interest in comic books, particularly with movie themes. The comics sat undisturbed for over 35 years.

Read the rest here.

Neat story, great books!

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