Incorrectly Labeled Edgar Church Book in the Current ComicLink Auction

I actually reported this to CGC on the forums through their "Ask CGC" feature and got a response from one of the currency representatives pointing me (me!) to the census, indicating that there are many copies of this issue graded. To quote, "I checked this particular book in our census and it appears that we have graded several of this title and date." Beyond the fact that they missed the point of the questions, just looking at the fact that I've been on the CGC forums for over 17 years should probably have been enough for that particular rep to know that I know about the CGC Census. Forget about the nature of the work I've done in the hobby over the past couple of decades. I know a thing or two about researching comic books. ???? Hopefully a comics rep will see it so at least they know the book is out there.

Anyway, the book above, probably a Mile High II, is incorrectly labeled as being an Edgar Church copy and it's in the current ComicLink auction.

Buyer Beware!

Thanks to regular reader John for the tip!

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