ComicConnect September 2017 Event Auction Preview

Tales Of Suspense #39 CGC 9.6 Pacific Coast


I, and I imagine, the consignor, would be disappointed if this book doesn't get to $300,000. I'm really nor sure what this book will do. In some ways $185,000 is near the natural level for this book right now (roughly double the $85,000-90,000 9.4 price) but I would hope there'd be a pedigree bump to get it over, at least, the $262,000 it sold for previously.

Wonder Woman # 1 CGC 8.5

It will be interesting to see how this copy does after the recent Pristine Comics results. It's at $86,000 as of this writing, which means it's got to basically double if it's going to perform in line with what the 9.0 did (even the second time around.)

All Star Comics #8 CGC 5.5

This won't be a million dollar book, but it's still going to be interesting to watch in the aftermath of the Pristine Comics sale. It's already a strong result.

Fantastic Comics #3 CGC 5.5

Here's another book that follows hot on the heels of another high-profile sale. This is a nice looking mid-grade copy.

Fantastic Four #45 CGC 9.8

I prefer 46, because of cover, but this is still a mighty important book in the Marvel Universe. I know there's this whole TV thing going on, but the Inhumans were a constant force in the life of the Fantastic Four in the 1960s and for just that this book deserves to be worth a fat pile of cash.

Incredible Hulk # 1 CGC 7.0

The beat goes on for Hulk #1. 7.0 is gonna hit what? At least $40,000 as of this writing? None too shabby.

Pep Comics #22 CGC 8.0

This is likely the best copy we'll see come up for auction any time soon, so I expect this to go way north of the $170,000 it's sitting at right now. I have long championed this book so I'm super excited to see what this one does.

Jackpot Comics #4 CGC 2.0

It's not a high-grade copy, but it is an early Archie. Don't sleep on Archie! I've been saying it for years and I'm still a firm believer in these early appearances. They're some of the coolest books in the hobby.

Archie Comics #1 CGC 4.0

This auction is one-stop shopping for Archie keys…

Toledo Pedigree Planet Comics Run

There is a really wonderful alternative universe where I win this run of mid-grade Planets from the Toledo pedigree. I'm bidding on some other things in some other auctions,

so it's not going to happen, but it's a fun thought.

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