Hulk #1 Continues to Smash, the Northland CGC 9.2 sells for $375,000


While this sale doesn't show the explosive growth that has characterized the price trend of Hulk #1 over the past few years, it does show that this book, especially in high grade, is still a highly coveted piece of Silver Age comic book history. $375,000 for a 9.2 is a great price and does nothing to sway me from the belief that the sole CGC 9.4 Hulk #1 as a million dollar comic book and is potentially the most valuable CGC graded silver age comic book.

It's such a tough book! Amazing Fantasy 15 is like a 1968 book in comparison. Hulk #1 is more like a DC key than a Marvel key from that era in terms of the availability of high grade copies.

(and Hulk is so much cooler than Spider-Man!)

*Rob ducks*

(he is!)

*Rob ducks again*

Metropolis Reports New Record Sale of Hulk #1
Earlier this month, Metropolis set another sales record when they sold the Northland Pedigree CGC 9.2-certified copy of Hulk #1. The comic, which previously sold for $326,000 in August of 2014, “was brokered for an incredible $375,000 in a private sale only two years later, once again demonstrating the startling potential for growth when investing in high-grade, key issues,” explained Vincent Zurzolo, COO of the New York City-based collectibles gallery.
According to Stephen Fishler, CEO, “The CGC census shows just one 9.4, which will never be sold, and four 9.2’s so the pickings above 9.0 are slim. The buyer has made a sound investment which will only continue to reap rewards down the line, should he choose to sell it.”
The comic features the first appearance of the gamma-irradiated goliath.
Zurzolo continued, “High-grade Hulk 1s are very rare, compared to other Marvel keys. For instance, there are actually twice as many copies of Amazing Fantasy #15 available in comparable grades.” Zurzolo goes on, “The new owner of this key comic should consider himself to be very lucky indeed as he now possesses a special piece of pop culture that will continue to appreciate in value.”

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