The Current Heritage Auction is Dominated by Original Art


I can't remember seeing a Heritage Signature Auction so dominated by original comic book art. This one is clearly an original art auction with some comics tossed in for fun. There have been some other auctions with strong original art lots, the Shamus collection is the noteworthy example, but those auctions all seemed to have a strong set of comics attached as well. This is a little different.

Obviously the Herb Trimpe and Jack Abel Hulk #180 page with the first image of Wolverine is going to get a lot of attention. It's already at $227,050.00 with some time left to run. Even if it ends at this number it will be a significant original art sale. I still think it has some room to run, too. People might just go bonkers for that page.

Still, even beyond that there are some great pieces that are pushing original art to the top of the charts in this auction. There's a Dave Cockrum and Bob McLeod X-Men #94 page, a Bill Watterson Calvin and Hobbes Daily and the dramatic Frank Miller Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #2 page pictured at the top of this post.

Quite a lineup right there. Should be a fun auction to watch.

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