High eBay Comics Item for the Week Ending 2010.9.4 (TODD MCFARLANE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 313 COVER)


Rob's Note:
Big price for a piece of comic art on eBay. Comics themselves rarely get this high on eBay, original art never has (as far as I've been tracking this sort of thing.) A remarkable result. I need to research to see if it's a legit sale. If it is? Wow.

Sold for:
Winning bid: US $71,200.00 Seller: gregthecomicguy ( 46 )



This is the real thing, an original Amazing Spiderman cover piece by Todd McFarlane himself. I was in the comic art, and toy collectable business for 35 years, and it is my opinion, based on empirical evidence of the number of people showing up to conventions, that Todd Mcfarlane is the single most popular comic artist ever (with all due respect to Jack Kirby, God bless him).

Todd McFarlane did only 26 issues of Amazing Spiderman. And I consider this cover the best of the lot (although 314 with both Greeen Goblin and Hobgoblin was real close).

I fully believe that this art will command at least $250,000 to $1,000,000 in the future. As far as investments go, you cannot go wrong with a one of a kind item. Original Cover Art that I sold for $300 TO $700 is going now for $5,000 to $7,000.

The art has two dates on it. On the side is December 4, 1986, and under Todd’s signature it says 89. Since his art was so great, it might have taken that much lead time to do it. I am uncertain of the date of the official comic release.

It is 10.5 inches by 17 inches lie almost all comic originals. It is in excellent condition. If you buy art from ebay, you know that the art always looks better in when you receive it in person, but I got the best pictures I could of it. It is off-white (which is because of the paper it was drawn on rather than aging). And it has four holes where I had put it up on the wall with push pins. Since there is only one of these in the world, I hope you don’t mind.

And the image:

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