The Top 10 Most Valuable CGC Graded Comics Books

Oh, look, another list. This one is based off of a Google search I saw, so there's at least one person out there wondering what the most valuable slabbed books are. As always, I want to hear feedback on these books. Is there anything I missed? How would you rank them? Please feel free to share in the comments.


  1. All American #16 Church CGC 9.4

    Well, it didn't end up selling for $1,000,000, but the mere fact that serious negotiations (and they were serious) were going on at that levels means, to me at least, this is the top dog in terms of graded books.

  2. Action #1 CGC 8.5

    Yes, even with the rusty staples, this is one of the nicest copies of the best book in the hobby, so it's got to be high up on the list. If a 6.0 can sell for $300,000 this copy has to be worth at least $750,000. The rust might drive the price down a little bit, but even still it would be the number two book on this list.

  3. Detective Comics #27 CGC 8.0

    A $278k book the last time it sold, this is the best copy of the second best book in the hobby and is valued accordingly. I have to think this copy would sell for well over $500,000 right now.
    detective 27

  4. Amazing Fantasy #15 CGC 9.6

    I'd personally be afraid to buy this book at its full value of $500,000 to $600,000. While Spider-Man is one of the great characters in the hobby, I'd be paranoid of a new copy appearing at 9.6 or better lowering the value of this "top dog." Of course, if no other challengers appear (and none have over the ten years of CGC,) then the owner of this particular copy is sitting pretty.

  5. Action #1 CGC 7.5

    A VF or better Action #1 is a rare, rare thing. Even rarer is one for sale. If this book, which sold for a paltry 192k in 2002 came back up for sale I wouldn't be surprised if it sold for two or three times that number.

  6. Superman #1 Mile High/Edgar Church CGC 8.0

    Another book with a bit of a stigma attached. This copy sold for $170,000 many years ago to much fanfare.

    Thing is, it had some work done on it to some interior pages. At the time that didn't reall matter, it was a gorgeous copy of one of the most desirable books in the hobby from the best pedigree.

    Then along came CGC's Purple colored label for Restored books. AKA The Purple Label of Death (PLOD.)

    The value destroying power of the PLOD meant before it was slabbed, that work was removed in order to get a Blue (universal) label. That, in turn, makes the book less of a pure unrestored copy in some people's minds. Because of that I'm only slotting it here, in 6th. It's still worth well more than twice what Bechara paid for it all those years ago and is one of the nicest books I've ever seen in person.

  7. Fantastic Four #1 CGC 9.6

    Another one of the nicest books I've seen in real life. this copy was involved in a trade and was valued at the time for $425,000. While I normally turn my nose up at trade "values" I'm actually more than comfortable with that number and slot it in here at #7 accordingly.

  8. Detective Comics #27 CGC 7.5

    There's something to this Batman guy, I think. This high grade copy of his first appearance would likely tip the scales in the $350-400,000 range.

  9. Captain America Comics #1 CGC 9.6

    This book sold for $250,000 to the one guy most likely to pay big bucks for it, so while I feel it's appreciated in value, I don't feel like it's made the same jump some of the other books on this list have over the past 6 or 7 years. Still, this book would have to be valued at $325-375,000.

  10. X-Men #1 Curator Pedigree CGC 9.8

    There are two 9.8s. This one has a clear psychological edge over the Pacific Coast 9.8, because that book was once in a 9.6 holder. A 9.4 copy of X-Men #1 just sold for over $100,000 so I'd think this book would end up selling for more than $300,000.

So that's it. Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments!

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