High eBay Comics Item for the Week Ending 2009.11.7 (Tales of Suspense 39)

Tales of Suspense 39 CGC 7.5 SS 2X! Signed by Stan Lee!

Sold For: US $12,200.00 Seller: r0b3m4n ( 194 )


This is not a copy – it is the original First Appearance of Iron Man from 1963! It is the ONLY SIGNED Tales of Suspense 39 – in the CGC census above the grade of 7.0! Below you can see that this comic is the stand alone highest graded signed copy of TOS 39. Truly a one of a kind investment. This 1963 comic is not only signed – but it is signed TWICE! Signed by the story writer Stan Lee and artist Gene Colan. Stan Lee is the brilliant writer attributed with much of the Intellectual Property that is now considered Marvel Comics. Gene Colan is an artist that also goes back to the very origins of Marvel. It is very doubtful another comic this high of a grade will ever be signed and graded this high ever again! This comic is very beautiful and I included many pictures to showcase for you the sharp corners and complete lack of creases. Really the cream to off-white pages are the only thing keeping this comic from grading MUCH higher!

This amazing comic is the first ever appearance of Iron man and is a classic marvel cover which many people recognize.

This Comic went up significantly in value after the Iron Man movie came out and there is another movie slated for release in May 2010 and a third has already been signed for!

The plastic case is in perfect condition and it comes bagged and packaged very well. Insurance is included for free with this auction!

I have a 100% feedback score and have been an ebay member for several years. For this comic you must pay through paypal. I hold your money for about a week to verify you are not going to reverse the transaction (sorry, I know it's a pain but this mag is worth a lot of money! So I'm sure you can understand my need to verify the transaction as authentic. For this mag an in-person exchange is NOT possible. Check out my feedback So you know I'm good for such a dollar value look at the $8000 Amazing Spider-man #1 I sold recently; not to mention all of the bullion transactions!

Note that I do allow a time payment plan for this magazine. Also this is NOT a Must Sell (or an emergency sale) so don't bother trying to send me offers, the only one I will accept is listed above and is very fair given the rarity of this piece of art.

Get this one of a kind mag before it's gone!

And the book:


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