CGC forum member innocuous is relaunching his site today. I figured I'd help spread the word.

Check the press release: Relaunch Expands Meta-Search Engine Results, Improves Speed in Search for Vintage Comic Books

A search engine for vintage comic books, the newly relaunched has greater reach across the internet providing users with relevant results quickly to enhance their Internet shopping for comic books.

Thousand Oaks, CA November 6, 2009 – The website was
relaunched today with enhanced search features, greater reach across the Internet, and improved performance. Collectors of vintage Gold, Silver and Bronze Age comic books can search for their desired comics on the Internet, from a single web page. Results displayed are retrieved from national comic book dealer and auction websites. The results show comic book titles, issue number and pricing based
on the user criteria.

“When I created, there wasn’t a single place on the Internet to search for comic books, resulting in me having to go through several bookmarks, visiting each site, usually with limited success,” commented Jay Fayloga, founder of “Now, with this relaunch, I have streamlined my original vision, making it easy to use the Internet to find old comic books.” will retrieve results from 15 major comic book dealers and auction sites. The relaunch has improved the search engine logic, and at the same time, increased the number of searched sites by 50% from the old site results. The relaunch also includes a redesign of the search results page, streamlined to display more results than previously available. When a user finds the comic they were searching for, they simply click the comic to be taken to the dealer site to complete the purchase.

Another new key new feature is making search statistics available to anyone. All searches are logged, providing market insight into the current most popular comic book titles and issues. As would be expected, Spider-Man in the various search terms is most popular. Surprisingly, Spawn just makes the top 10 most popular titles searched. Moving into the top 35 in the past couple of months have been Archie and Green Lantern. Archie has received a lot of media attention as a result of his announced marriage to Veronica. Green Lantern has been rising due to the movie currently in production.

“With this relaunch, the site has become much more useful,” says Fayloga. “It will be interesting to watch the market data change over time as people search for the old comic books they love.”

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