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[reposted from the old site- originally posted July 15, 2003]

I just got the catalogue for Sotheby's June 26, 1993 Comic Books and Original Art auction. What a fantastic selection! I just ran through the catalogue briefly on the treadmill this morning and I came across a few notables (including a book that I really, really, really want to get my hands on):

  • The Original Art for the Covers to Watchmen 1-12. Do I need to comment? What a display that would make in my living room.
  • The Marvel Comics #1 Pay Copy. Yes the famous "$1,000,000" book. As a note to anyone that thinks that CGC cornered the market on strict grading, the book (a CGC VF/NM) was graded at VF 84 at the time of this sale…
  • Neal Adams' cover to Superman #233.
  • The #2 set of Gaines File Copies
  • The White Mountain Amazing Fantasy #15. Memorable for being the the first $10,000 Silver Age book.
  • The White Mountain Fantastic Four #1. Again an example of tight grading before CGC came along. All grades (they offer several opinions) fall below the CGC NM- 9.2 that the book currently sports. A truly beautiful copy though. Just a stunner.
  • and finally… The White Mountain Daredevil #1, a book that I would kill to own.

Beyond even the quality of the book itself (and as you can see below it's a beauty), I have a soft spot for the White Mountain pedigree. The White Mountain books were big news when I was a young Marvel Zombie and it was also a local story for me (Weist lived 10 minutes away from me at the time.) To add to that, the White Mountain books I currently own (including a gorgeous Daredevil #9) are amongst the nicest books in my collection, so…. I want this:

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