CGC 9.0 Action Comics # 1 for Sale @ ComicConnect in November. Welcome to the world of $2,000,000 Comic Books


This is precisely why I love this hobby. Even with all the research and all the biggest brains I can find feeding me information books like this can reappear and upset the applecart. I'll clearly be rewriting the most valuable comic books in the world article and we'll definitely have a new champion on top of the all time record comic book sales table. I don't see this selling for a penny less than $2,000,000.

What's interesting is I've known about this book for several years, being the copy stolen from Nic Cage and notoriously absent from his massive Heritage auction. I just never knew it was this nice. I also didn't know it was the book sold at the 1992 Sotheby's auction for $82,500. Here's my scan of that catalog image:

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